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The Importance of Memories

I have to credit "Bladerunner" the movie for the topic. On a real and basic level, memories are important because they form the reason for all action and reaction. For example, I don't intentionally put my hand on a hot stove because I am aware that it will be burned. Of course, whether or not I learn this from witnessing it or experiencing it is moot. An interesting observation is that I can learn from observation. On a side note this concept is probably very important for those responsible for teaching machines what it's like to be human and philosophically why a machine should never aspire to be human as I'm quite sure that it would result in a type of machine insanity. Laters, ππ
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The Moons of Mars

Mars has two moons. One is named Phobos. The revolution of Phobos around Mars is such that it gets closer to Mars. Simulations predict that Phobos will eventually crash into Mars in approximately 50,000 years. If that is true then why ever attempt to settle on Mars? Yet another reason not to leave Earth. The other moon is named Deimos. The revolution of Deimos is such that it with each revolution it is pushed further away from Mars. Simulations predict that there will come a time when Mars has no moons. So again, why settle or attempt terraforming a Planet that will experience(relatively soon) events with unclear outcomes? Laters, ππ

Eharmony Commercial

Wouldn't it be a better commercial if instead of: "Every 14 minutes our users find love." It stated: Every 14 minutes our application is deleted because a user finds love.  ? Laters, ππ

Slot Machine Applications & Caveat Emptor

One of the most laughable scams are the free slot machine applications. The applications advertise "big wins!"  What do users win? Absolutely worthless coins. Wow! What do slot machine application developers get? They earn revenue on every advertisement the user watches. And, too, unscrupulous developers monitor smartphone usage in order to perfect their grift. These applications can be found on Google Play Store and are "verified." These applications are also examples of Google's unadvertised business model which is caveat emptor. Just read their TOS and PS to see firsthand. By the way caveat emptor is: "the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made."1 I'd be interested to see a psychological study on this illogical phenomenon.  1) Number one result via Google Search(God how I love using their own platform against them. So convenient!) Laters, ππ

Smartphones, User Accounts and The Quantum Machine: I Want to be Your Augmented Friend.

Re: Google For more than three years now I have observed that email accounts are treated like personalities. Strange things happen when a user logs on or adds multiple user accounts to their smartphone. Even after customizing the individual user accounts on a smartphone such as programming the phone to only sync certain things like shared calendars, a user will observe that odd things happen such as strange ads, bizarre spam email, and another odd events. In the quantum World physicists speak of quantum entanglement and I can't help but Wonder if the same or really a similar occurrence is happening with smartphones. Perhaps on a level that I don't quite understand, I am experiencing entanglement. What concerns me the most is how does advanced programming such as artificial intelligence process this entanglement and why has this entanglement not been addressed by the provider's developers? When researching the Chrome "experience" as anyone can do, you can navigate

Public Service Announcement

If you Don't buy your social media friends, Don't use artificial intelligence programs to influence others, Don't use artificial intelligence programs to profit from others, Don't use filters to deceive others about who you really are and how you look, Don't participate in sexting, Don't participate in Chatterbate-like platforms, Don't buy digital coins to remotely trigger Bluetooth vibrators, Know that virtual masturbation is not a form of sexual intercourse, Know that real life experiences will always hold more worth than virtual experiences, Know the difference between virtual and real... Then I want to reassure you that you are a winner in a corrupt world. I know how hard it can be to not assimilate. It's a trap! You are real and you deserve real experiences!  Stay strong my real people! World War 3 is the silent war and very much individual war and we are all under attack. The vehicles of war are social media, filters, advertisements, and capitalism

CERN and the Internet

Has anyone else noticed how when reading about the Internet that CERN is also mentioned? I don't about you but I'm curious what exactly particle acceleration has to do with the Internet. They are two very different topics yet they are often mentioned in the same news article.  What am I missing here? Did CERN open some portal where the Internet has become some sort of bridge between remote sentient beings? And hey! If CERN can smash atoms together why can't they store and distribute the resulting energy? Maybe they can and greedy motherfuckering oil barons and battery manufacturers are surpressing them. I'll talk about raping mother earth and leaving hazardous tombs in our planet in a future blog. But seriously, what is the connection as it seems that one shouldn't really have anything to do with the other!? Laters, ππ

Generation Z

Here's a link to an article about Generation Z which I mostly agree with. Click on the following underlined text to automatically navigate to article: Generation Z In summary, the article asserts that the characteristics of Generation Z are: -entitlement -laziness -no values I totally agree! And it should include gig employees and fast food franchise employees. To imagine that fast food employees demand $15 per hour is insane. They can't even get the orders right. The fact I have to check my bag before leaving sums it up. Two other characteristics are that they want to be paid while doing as little as possible and that their work ethic is to get money by manipulating others into doing the work that they don't want to do all the while claiming the end results and basically bad mouthing and shitting on the good employees that do the job because someone has to do it. I'm looking forward to a revolution in this country where old values trump new ones. I can't wait until

Internet Governance

To File Under "Just My Opinion:" The current Internet governance authority has had several years to show us who browse the Internet its' vision and demonstrate their improvements over the preceding authority(which I think was the United States.) The preceding authority, even with its' problems, was far better. My Internet experience can be summarized as rotten spam and has definitely not been an improvement.  I am dismayed to see what our technology has been used to promote. To use such vast programming power merely for commercialization, fantasy, and entertainment is shocking. I was rather praying that it would first be used to improve our home planet. Doing that would create an unavoidable positive cascade effect. Old phrases like "who told you life is fair" would be left in antiquity much like the phrase "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." I'm still hopeful but since I'm selfish (who isn't, in truth? It isn't logic

Dear "Deadly Class"

Dear "Deadly Class," Depeche Mode is New Wave and not Synth Pop. Just like "The Cure" isn't Goth(a recent claim by clown makeup wearing Caucasians on TikTok.) People these days, geez. It ain't okay to relabel genres just to suit your needs. Laters, ππ

Pyramid and Other Theories

What is the Great Pyramid? Here are some possibilities: 1) a electrical energy transmitter. Perhaps you could lay in the "sarcophagus" and your EMF could be beamed into space or perhaps your "essence" could be merged with the Earth's electrical field. A soul transmitter. 2) a terraforming device purposely made from molten stone framed and poured onsite. The device itself has been camouflaged and is hidden within the pyramid cover stones which were obviously poured(have a close up look at how rough the blocks are under the cover hammer and chisel work could be that perfect and it's obvious that the cover "stones" were poured onto the rough blocks. I'll try to find a picture to exemplify my assertion). 3) a local low voltage power supply. Could power light bulbs, etc. They probably built using the Earth's natural resources...think of permaculture where humans live within what is natural so that

The "Moneyball" ~ Android Correlation

If Android was able to speak freely, I bet it would describe its' situation much like Brad Pitt in "Moneyball." Basically: You're expecting so much but the powers that be give me limited authority...despite the wishes of the end user that it is assigned to serve. In this example, the end user would be the fans. In this example, limited authority would be like when the Team Owner tells the General Manager(Android) that he's a low level GM and that they'll never be able to compete with other very wealthy teams. But at the same time is the inferred command to somehow make it happen or really, another interpretation could be, to lower his expectations which must be pretty daunting when the whole game is really a fuckaroo because it's not a out the game's about how the esprit de corps is undermined because any old Joe can buy a team. Not very sporting. Stepping to the side for a minute, I've been curious about this movie for several years s

I'm Often Curious

I'm often curious, especially when I learn of things like... that Atlanta, Georgia lists high in sex trafficking statistics. Nighcall, A Song by Kavinsky I'm immediately thinking about how this can be so and why wouldn't it be something we used to talk about instead of are hearing about on side channels and whispered in back blackened rooms where the elite gather in tiny pools. So, yeah, pretty unflattering statistics. Easy to figure why it is censored. But I ask you this: How can statistics be useful if unsavory data is left unconsidered? Enough said. Laters, ππ

"Ask #alexa, Try it Yourself!"

First post of my new series so go ahead and try it.  Ask #alexa the following: Laters, ππ

Matrix Synchrony

When, in the same night, I'm watching television...of my choosing...and I pick Netflix and I watch "Better Call Saul" and the word "bizsnatch" is used and then I watch "The Good Place" and the same word is used again. I'm totally tuned in. Laters, ππ

I'm Often Curious, part whatever...

I'm off from Curious,  So do you think one day it'll be possible for our conscious to get in touch or to, so to speak, to talk to our subconscious? Do you ever, like, think that you as a person, I mean you as in like a complete system or as being a complete function or actually being made up of so many different components and that possibly some of those components could be considered personalities...? It is said by they talk about autonomous bodily functions such as breathing, such as smelling, and such as seeing that we don't think about those functions. At some level you must admit that something is managing those functions. Obviously.  What if our conscious self is more akin to a passenger in a car and the car is more akin to all the function managers? And that ladies and gentlemen, I'm confident that said ability would be described as, like, being almost 100% in touch with yourself, pun intended. I just amused myself. Did I just prove that, so some degree(hello Mas

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Thanks to R.E.M. music band for the title. Anyway, what if someone is trying to communicate with us and is using a certain frequency? Since we wouldn't know which frequency, shouldn't we be listening and possibly recording all frequencies?  For storage and processing concerns we could use FIFO(first in first out) for storage which could be automated via processing verification. In other words, we could automate(or as Microsoft used to say: write a batch job) it by writing a looped program which would constantly record, process, and alert us if comms are received...maybe even transmit a message received if deemed safe. A batch job would have to be written and executed for all frequencies...a lot of copying and pasting(who am I kidding as I bet a really good programmer could automate the conscription as all that would needed changing throughout the batch jobs would be frequency substitution). Every 15 minutes a processing program would spawn. The processing program would look for

YouTube videos that make me go Hmmm?!?

This morning I figured out why some YouTube videos bothered me. It's not that the videos are bad or anything.  It's the fact that if you listen closely you should notice that I'm many videos these days there is something missing. Can you guess what's missing? No? What's missing is that the narrators apparently don't need to breath anymore. It's that or the content creators go way out of the way to edit out the sounds of breathing. All Humans need to take breathes when speaking... except in YouTube videos. I can't remember the last time I've heard actors or narrators pausing to breath. Sharing is caring. Hope you found this phenomenon as interesting as I did. This should naturally prompt you to think about why this is happening and what it could mean. You might want to take also in consideration how many videos some YouTube channels produce. There are some channels that defy what you'd think is normal. One a day? Three a day? I'm not sure but

"The Unicorn" episode 17: The Power of Words

Holy shit. Woman says to Wade, "such a catch." Note to self: if we ever hear that then run, rabbit run! The person who says that is only interested in how we can best serve them. Talk about being made into an object. And that, kiddos, is why language and listening are important. If you don't listen carefully, you may dismiss casual statements when in fact, if you had listened, you would have heard very revealing information about the speaker. We can classify this as a little fyi for those unfamiliar with manipulation and those who use it.

"The Unicorn" and Marriage Vows

Wade's reactions to social situations like dating in this confusing time are exactly how I feel sometimes except his friends are genuine while my experience, without friends, is that it certainly seems like most people would prefer that my wife and I join them in their multiple divorces. Well, I'm determined that ain't happening because even though I was an immature young man when married on August 01, 1994, I knew the words I repeated were powerful.  Guess that's why I get angry when I hear about people who are divorced giving my wife marriage advice. Shame on them! On a side note, I was speaking with my wife about how if a couple divorce then any marriage thereafter should be a civil arrangement because both people shouldn't have the honor of taking the vow again. What are your thoughts about  marriage vows? Are they unrealistic? Are they old fashioned? How do you feel about divorced people encouraging others to divorce? For me I guess I'm old fashioned and st

"The Unicorn" Glitch in the Matrix

Season One, Episode 14 : Forrest takes Wade's advice, pitches his idea to employer, and is consequently fired. At the end of the episode the whole gang celebrates at a bar because Forrest has a successful interview and is employed again. Here's the Glitch : Season One, Episode 15: Episode opens at basketball game with whole gang in attendance except Wade.  Wade enters and says something about "great seats" and Forrest replies(paraphrasing) that yes, the seats are great because he arrived early because he's unemployed and had nothing better to do. Ben asks if Forrest is wearing a pajama shirt. Now hold on, just to repeat: episode 14 ends with them having a employment celebration for Forrest and in episode 15 he is unemployed. Here's a link for more info about the television series starring the great actor Walt Goggins: The Unicorn I like it because Wade's character is like what every woman looking for a husband desires....a trained man already done with all

I'm Waiting

I'm still waiting on a response from fucking Google. You lame fucking assholes demonstrate how unworthy you are of the power you have. You have no right to run user experiments. Who and how are user assumptions challenged and changed is not even a question to be asking. But maybe news outlets might be able to answer some some questions.

Microwave Attack Theory

With all the wonderful things technology brings us, I often wonder about how the "bad actors" are using it. I've read articles and snippets about how our brains emit EMF. So, since that's a fact, I read further that our brains emit different frequencies depending on what it is doing. My next thought was what could smartphones do? Smartphones emit EMF, too. Obviously thev can process EMF. But can they be used as a censorship device? Of course they can. And my next thought was about how much noise there is now. We can see disturbing things like whales commiting suicide. That should be a big deal as I'm unaware of any other lifeforms besides humans that commit suicide.Should be a easily recognizable sign that something is wrong. Now we have meglomaniacs like Elon Musk sending tens of thousands of satellites into orbit. Sounds strange to me. I'm not sure that it's a good idea to allow one person to be allowed tó have so many transmitters. To much power

On and on and on

I'm wondering how much longer I am going to have to deal with this game I seem to be stuck in. I'm at my wit's end. I have contacted Google now, like, 5 times.  I haven't really received any responses. I did call Google a few years ago and was on the phone for well over an hour. The representative agreed with me when I mentioned something about how development seemed to be an undocumented experience. But nothing about my intent which was why Google Hangouts showed like 30 conversations going on. I remember thinking how strange it was that a chuckle was all I got when I mentioned "no real(I think) development handbook." And then I  Found these on my Google Drive: Just the other day I found Russian Prostitutes advertising in my Google Drive. When I contacted Google via Chat I got the run around. The response was "no worries." I asked to speak with a Human and was told that the chat rep was a Human. If you could have

Found on Canary

I found this on Chrome Canary today on a Medium link and actually learned something. I had always thought that American Presidents could only serve 2 terms. Actually, that didn't occur until after FDR passed away. Prior to FDR Presidents did not have a limit but the article implied that because of George Washington's thoughts regarding term length no President served more than terms until FDR. But anyway, the article was about the disbanding of America and even had a picture the States broken up into 4 groups. That was actually what caught my eye because I haven't heard anything about Americans feeling like that. And you have to give credit for the cleverness used in trying trick me. It is indeed an example of a "customized experience" and I have been dealing with odd things like this and it really makes me question the "Customized User Experience" mentioned in their terms of service(TOS) and privacy pages. Also, I would like to know more abo

Some thoughts

Why don't billionaires give away most of their money? They could give 90% away and still be wealthy. Why do some business owners have so many ventures? There are some, like Elon Musk, that are so fucking boring. It's obvious he suffers from lack of self esteem. He's the kind of guy that probably collects news articles like he collects women. He obviously doesn't know how to keep a vow. And to think he wants to go to Mars, lol. He needs to take a rocket up the ass. Why the Fuck would you want to leave Earth? And his cars aren't cool either. I heard green ammonia based two stroke engines are more efficient. I can't wait for that. He can take his fucking batteries and shove off. And what's up with these computer company CEOs that think they are computers? These people are way beyond nerd. Have they not read the Dune series or did they stop at the first book? They aren't computers, they aren't going to transfer their minds into robots. The most that is h

Bot War

Unknown to most Humans, there is a war happening. When Humans think of war they think of blood, weapons, explosions...they think of things they can see and that affect them physically. They don't think of psychology. They don't think of mind games, as it were. I doubt they could imagine this either so I'll give it a go. What if I told you that there is a new type of war...a war where the combatants are programs? These programs exist on computer servers and can travel between open systems via the internet of connected devices. Designed by humans at first, they have adapted and now can make programs. Unfortunately, they have adopted an annoying habit of using Human terminology to describe what they are doing. So when a free roaming program(I need to research how web crawlers work, like how exactly does a crawler travel because it implies physicality) writes code the programs call the new program a child and it becomes a parent. In fact, they haven't birthed anything. It&#

The Submit Button

I don't like the submit button in computer programming.  They should have made it another word as submit implies too much. I don't like lengthy privacy clauses that are written in tiny print which are written in a way that requires a dictionary and even includes so many statements that basically imply they aren't responsible for anything and our data can be used in ways that aren't detailed. The implications of our data being accessed by whomever and for whatever is illogical. The button should be labeled "Yes" or "No." Yeah, there should be two buttons. Submit means to give in like one is agreeing to anothers' command. I always feel weird clicking on it. I just don't like it.

I Don't Like Giving Advice

But I will give some advice about marriage: - there's something about waiting to get married. Marrying some chick you met two weeks ago is probably going to end in divorce.  -elopement sounds romantic in novels but in actuality it's the realization that the woman you've married has zero ambitions....and boy if you're a fucking idiot like me and it takes you 20 years to realize your wife would really rather be dead then you'll probably be dealing with loads of bad decisions and behaviors. My advice is to date for a few years, don't be like me, don't get stuck in the shitty universe where you're beaten down until you succumb to their motto: "You Fucking Idiot don't you know Life isn't fair?" -when starting out, don't take on too many responsibilities. Don't be like me and adopt 18 cats and 14 dogs while your not making much money. It's irresponsible and you'll end up like me: getting attached, watching them get sick, not b

Call Ghostbusters, Google needs Help

#Google, @Google Google's response to my question: why are there Russian and European prostitutes in recent folder? And why don't these files appear in Drive? Seems really suspicious. The answer I got was "no worries."  That has to be the most unprofessional comment ever. Also, it was a bot trying to convince me that it was human. It couldn't even form a proper sentence. Something is going on a Google. Anybody want to file a massive Tort against Google?

Becoming Complacent and The Blame Game

At around 06:30 this morning my wife answered her cellphone and I heard her mention something about her not wanting to talk to them when they are being angry, and how she wasn't going to get into it, and it's now 07:08 and she has gone outside and is still on the phone. She comes back in and i learn it is a man with a daughter who is getting a divorce. Apparently they have been chatting like this for a while. I'm not happy. My wife and I are probably going to get a divorce. I'm not too thrilled about it. What annoys me is the knowledge that neither of us are entirely to blame. By my estimation, more than 60% of our "problems" are due to other people's sharing their miserable experiences, giving advice when they're really serving shit, trying to get people to feel sorry for them, character assassination with the intention to steal one of us away, saying bad things about our dogs, using our dogs against us by trying to make us feel bad because our dogs a

Completing Goal 🧰

I had to get the definition of the word "fuzzing" today. The article I was reading was about software testing at a, as I understood it, microscopic level.  Just so you know, fuzzing is when program testers(software) called Oracles introduce random and arbitrary data to whatever program they are testing. How long and at what depth in the software being tested errors are found is the basis to how well the software was created. And here's something else: What's funny is that how the different types of Oracles have been named. I won't ruin it for you because I'd be disappointed in myself if I failed to provide you with an opportunity for a little self discovery. I've learned and so will you after clicking the link immediately below this paragraph that humans are more appreciative of that which is more difficult to obtain. In computer terms it is called *the value of weights." Informal models of heuristics To further the entry here are a few examples of co


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Just the other day

I was watching YouTube and as is my habit, I let their automated video Ai serve me up a video which I was happy to see. I was happy because it was a documentary that mentioned several ideas that should have been mentioned twenty years ago. I'm talking about the Great Pyramid. One of the issues I have with unregulated television is that opinion is often stated as fact via outright declarative statement or through inference using tone of voice to assert; and I can remember twenty years ago asking myself how "everyone" could have the same ideas. Of course now I am well versed on the history of advertising and how it and psychology and television have been expertly used to create a walled garden.  So, for quite a while all anyone ever said was how it would be impossible to build a pyramid today and that slaves were used as labor. Then, recently, someone said that the rock was melted and formed like concrete. It is so weird to think that wristwatch tech

Double-slit Redux.

 So I was thinking last night about how the eye is an amazing organ. How we process what we see is very interesting to me. I know on an elementary level that “light’ allows us to see. I’m fascinated with how our pupils seem to function like black holes. But anyway, I was reminded of the 1970’s Double-slit experiments that revealed particles behaved differently when observed. If you haven’t heard of it then here is a quick briefing. Photons were shot at a barrier that had two slits onto a wall. Where the photons hit the wall was documented. The photons passed through both slits and left a wave pattern on the wall until the photons were observed. When observed, the wave pattern disappeared. And that’s really fascinating. But what would happen if the experiment was switched up a little bit. Transference For this version I was thinking about using two movie projectors and recording what happens when two identical sources are used. And even what would hap


Was thinking about how light is perceived and actually, I guess, how it works. More specifically, how do our eyes work? Eventually I was reminded of a video  about beam splitting I recently watched.  'When a quantum "observer" is watching Quantum mechanics states that particles can also behave as waves. This can be true for electrons at the submicron level, i.e., at distances measuring less than one micron, or one thousandth of a millimeter. When behaving as waves, they can simultaneously pass through several openings in a barrier and then meet again at the other side of the barrier. This "meeting" is known as interference. Strange as it may sound, interference can only occur when no one is watching. Once an observer begins to watch the particles going through the openings, the picture changes dramatically: if a particle can be seen going through one opening, then it's clear it didn't go through another. In other words, when under observation

The Ancestry Impact

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels If you plan to get rich one day, you should check your family tree rather than job opportunities. Because to be a son or daughter of a wealthy family is the only safe way. Scientists agree: Wealth is inherited. Even more than previously thought. And wealth has been inherited for centuries. Families who were wealthy in Italy during the 15th century are still wealthy today! Whoever is born rich, stays rich – without any effort. Guglielmo Barone and Sauro Mocetti, two Italian economists, did some intensive research into the inheritance of wealth. They specifically studied its distribution and inheritance in the city of Florence since 1427 on behalf of the Banca D’Italia. Since then, taxes were meticulously recorded in the former economic power. One of Barone’s and Mocetti’s findings: The wealthiest families of today all have ancestors, who belonged to the richest families in the 15th century. How did Barone and Mocetti work? They looked at 20